PACT Hawaii
PACT Hawaii


promote peace and safety for Hawaii’s families and communities by providing support and education for those who use violence, survivors, and their children. Violent and abusive behavior is learned and can be unlearned. Accepting responsibility and being accountable for one’s behavior are critical in the path to peace. The consistent use of non-violent skills assures safety for survivors and children, promotes offender accountability, and solidifies an end to the cycle of violence in families and communities. The Family Peace Center emphasizes partnership, equality, and respect among and between all family members.

PACT offers services on Oahu, Maui, and Lanai. Services are offered in a variety of languages for non-English speakers. Although types of groups and services vary by island, which includes:

· Victim advocacy and support
· Parenting skill building – for survivors and their children
· Parenting skill building – for offenders
· Domestic Violence Intervention - for adults who have used violence
· Domestic Violence Intervention - for adults who have used violence with co-occurring substance abuse
· Violence intervention – for GLBTQ individuals
· Violence intervention for teenagers
· Anger Control

• Family Peace Center Oahu

• Family Peace Center Maui

1-808-847-3285 ~ 1-800-815-8413

PACT Parents And Children Together, 1485 Linapuni St. Suite 105, Honolulu, HI 96819